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Restoring antique cars is a hobby that is enjoyed by many of us.  Paint and body work, brakes, and even upholstery are jobs that the well equipped personal shop is able to accomplish with trial and error, gaining experience as we go.

Even engine work on more modern cars is not too scary, those with insert bearings, at least.  Model T Fords, however are a different animal.  First, they have babbitt bearings, cast in place and precision bored to fit a reground crankshaft.  Second, the procedure, the materials, and the specialized tools have been unavailable to the general hobbiest for many years.  Even if you found an original K.R.Wilson setup, it was most likely well worn.  However, that has changed with the publication of Rebuilding the Model T Ford Powerplant

When I began restoring Model Ts in the early seventies, there were only a handful of automotive machine shops still able to pour babbitt.  It wasn't that the technology and tools didn't exist, there just wasn't enough demand to make it financially worthwhile for the shops to continue.  Many of the old time machinist were still working, having adapted to newer engines.  I spent quite a lot of time with these guys, gleaning every bit of information I could.

This book will walk you  step by step through the process of rebuilding the Model T Ford engine and transmission.  I begin with necessary skills such as reading a micrometer and selecting a machine shop to bore cylinders and grind crankshafts.  From there, I include complete plans for building a "machine" to pour and line bore main bearings.  There are chapters on properly rebuilding the transmission, making your own magnet recharger, pouring fourth mains and assembling the entire powerplant.  Included are also chapters on modifications, accessories and modern parts as well as using modern gas and oil in your antique Model T. 

Finally, chapters of engine and torque specs, lists of tools and equipment needed, and suppliers of everything needed to complete the job.

This is not a job that needs to be feared!  You can do it!  The book may be ordered for $24.95, post paid in the U.S. from:

Model T Powerplant
240 Aslan Way
Pell City, AL  35128

Rebuilding the Model A Ford Powerplant

The Model A Ford came out late in 1928 as a replacement for the beloved Model T.  It had double the horsepower, an oil pump, water pump and a distributor!  These were common in the industry by this time, but new for Ford.

Rebuilding the Model A Powerplant will take you step by step through the entire rebuild process, INCLUDING pouring new main bearings.  Jigs, fixtures and tools are described and dimentioned drawings provided to build your own equipment necessary for this almost forgotton technology.

Chapters are included on selecting a machine shop, precision measuring, modifications and accessories.  Modern gas and oil and their use in the Model A is also discussed .

The book is profusely illustrated with photographs, line drawings and  drawings.  A very complete list of engine component specifications is also included.

In addition, particular attention is given to methods to stop oil leaks at the rear main bearing, as well as modifying the block to make adjusting valves more convenient.

Send $29.95 to:

Model A Powerplant

240 Aslan Way

Pell City, AL  35128

PDF files may also be sent internationally.  Contact Vic at viczannis@windstream.net for ordering instructions