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Let's face it, the days of selling (or finding) a vintage or collector car in the want ads of the local paper are past.  It is possible, but unlikely that you would sell an unusual car locally, but probably not for an amount that you might get if it were properly displayed and advertised.  The chance of finding a specific model or year of a car are limited if you use traditional search means.  The internet has opened up a world of possibilities in the collector car marketplace.

Automotive enthusiasts and collectors tend to chase after the cars that they desired in their youth.  While this is not always a hard and fast rule, it does create a constantly moving market for the cars that are currently in demand. 
As generations age, the cars that they collected come on the market making sales and acquisition subject to continually changing  trends.

We are experienced in marketing cars for clients on the internet.  Our services include photography, market research and an appealing presentation of your vehicle.  After the sale, we follow up with a level of service that includes shipping or delivery (both domestic and international), legal documentation as well as transfer of titles where applicable and all other details specific to your transaction.

Additionally, we can locate, inspect and qualify cars that clients desire.  We can arrange shipping and delivery as well as all legal paperwork required for domestic and international sales.

Our services are personal and specific to your needs and desires and the fees are negotiated on a case by case basis.