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Over the years, I have been called on many times to appraise antique and specialty vehicles for insurance purposes, estate settlements and sales preparation.  Assigning a dollar value to unusual vehicles requires a thorough understanding of the vehicles involved, production numbers, market trends, recent auction and private sales.

In evaluating each vehicle, I use a specially developed format, that grades the car and the components and systems and assigns a point value to each.  Paint, glass, interior, engine bay and all other aspects of the vehicle are inspected.  Each component grade is then combined to arrive at an overall grade.  That grade is used as a comparative number when looking at other, similar vehicles either on the market currently or that have changed hands in recent sales.

Vintage race vehicles can be more difficult.  Many times the history of a specific vehicle needs to be researched.  Who drove the vehicle, when and where can have a major impact on the value of a car.  We are experienced and able to do the needed research to authenticate race history.