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Vic was born in 1952 in Birmingham, Alabama.  He married Sara in 1972, and except for a tour in the Air Force, they have lived in and around Birmingham all of their lives.

Vic's interest in things automotive goes back to childhood.  His dad raced stock cars and Micro Midgets and owned motorcycles.  In 1971, after his dad's first heart attack, Vic bartered his labor for some Model A Ford parts to help provide a hobby he and his dad could share.  That led to a lifelong interest in old cars, especially Model A and Model T Fords.  When Jim Zannis passed away in 2006, he was still very active in the old car hobby, having returned from Hershey only a few weeks before.

After the Air Force, Vic spent over a decade as a police officer.  Throughout that time, his interest in old cars, race cars and motorcycles never waned.

In 1992-95, Vic helped prepare vintage race cars (1954 Mercury and 1954 Corvette) for the Mexican Road Race, otherwise known as the Carerra Pan Americana.  He also transported the cars to the start of the race in southern Mexico and serviced the cars during each eight day, 1,800 mile race.

During that same time period, Vic also prepared, transported and crewed a vintage sprint car, a 1934 Winfield Special at the prestigious Monterey Historic Event at Laguna Seca Raceway.

In 1991, Vic and his wife Sara were chairpersons of the annual Model T Ford Club International's tour in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  They planned routes, activities, meals and logistics for 175 old Fords from 29 states and five countries.

In 1997, Vic helped prepare two 1950 Ford Coupes to compete in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.  The event was a time /speed/ distance rally covering 12,000 miles across some of the most interesting part of the world.  After 42 days of competition, the Fords placed second and fourth overall, first in class and first in Team Category.  Vic was navigator and co-driver in the top finishing car #23.  The adventure was truly a trip of a lifetime, and gave Vic the opportunity to be one of the last of an honorable motorsports  tradition, the riding mechanic.

Since 2000, Vic has been a contract employee to International Motorsports Association (IMSA) and has been a Technical Inspector for the American LeMans Series (ALMS).  His primary task is the sensoring and monitoring of the manifold pressure (boost) of the cars equipped with turbochargers.  Those duties have taken him to most major sports car tracks in North America, as well as the 24 Hours of Lemans in France.

Vic has also worked as the track manager at the Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham.  He was also instrumental in the designing and construction of many of the displays in the Barber Motorsports Museum.  http://barbermuseum.org/